We have been expanding our business network from Southeast Asia to the global scene as well as doing business with a large number of investment banks and asset management companies. By using these experiences, we lead our clients to more global, interactive and solid business entities.

  • Experience in M&A of venture capitals and private equities in the sectors other than financial business
  • A broad network across industries including trading and distribution businesses
  • Tax saving based on the financial and tax laws of each country

Case examples

  • Establishment of a banking business entity and a corporate group (Malaysia)
  • Acquisition of a banking business entity (Singapore)
  • Acquisition of securities trading licenses and establishment of business entities (Singapore, Republic of Cyprus, Cayman Islands, Labuan, Canadian Financial Intelligence Agency, Republic of Malta, Republic of Seychelles, Republic of Peru)
  • Establishment of electronic payment agencies (Malaysia, Singapore)
  • Establishment of a limited partnership (Singapore)
  • Arrangement of medical supplies (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam)
  • Commodity procurement, trade, and distribution in Southeast Asian countries (Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines)
  • Hands-on for start-ups