The securities trading business is the nearest existence to general customers for the sell-side, which is the core of the electronic trading network. Our money brokerage (MB) solution is the only E2E solution that integrates and covers all necessary solutions for securities companies, such as customer relationship management, trading platforms, trading engines, liquidity provider connection, asset management, payment system.

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Our solutions

Client relationship management system

solves complicated customer relationship management by integrating account opening of individual/corporate customers, visualization of capital, compliance, management of introduced businesses, and so on.

Order matching engine

creates liquidity pools for customers and executes orders in the minimum time by using our own FPGA.

Order management system

visualizes risks for buy-side in real-time and integrates all order management processes, which reduces operating costs and manage risks.。

Trading platform

provides the multi-asset platform that satisfies all customers including general/institutional investors.

Payment system

visualizes account activities done by various payment service providers and optimizes money flow.


For those planning to launch securities trading business

We provide consulting services for launching securities trading business and asset management business as well as gaining approvals. We have a huge network that consists of judicial scriveners, secretary companies, trust companies, law firms, and accounting firms, which covers all regions and languages in the world.

* We always deal directly with any business partners, which enables us to acquire difficult licenses with high probability by using our connection with government financial institutions. At the same time, our clients do not need to pay an additional costs (ex. commission) because it is direct dealing.

Please feel free to contact us if you are planning to launch a securities trading business.

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