Though Xefino is a start-up group company that was established in 2021, it is based on the experience and human resources gained through a lot of partnership building with business entities in various countries for these 3 years.

Our core businesses are finance and software development related to financial business. We aim to establish a position as a financial centre in Southeast Asia. Taking advantage of our experience in building E2E platforms and infrastructure for multiple investment banks and asset management companies in Southeast Asia, we provide better electronic trading environments to all people while developing innovative technologies.

At first, we started our business centring on developing asset management strategies. After a while, we developed the system for asset management companies, and based on this experience, we established a financial instruments firm. Currently, our core business is shifting to financial business. In the FX trading business, we succeeded in joining an electronic trading network of worldwide financial institutions where the average trading volume reaches 7 trillion USD per day. On the basis of the financial instruments firm, we are planning to grow our business as a financial company centring on new digital technologies.

For these 3 years until the establishment of our company, we built partnerships with well-known Asian financial institutions and numerous asset management companies in Singapore, as well as doing business with judicial scriveners, secretary companies, trust companies, law firms, and accounting firms all over the world. This gave us a broad business network and allowed us to take a step forward to the financial business that is usually difficult to enter.

We hope that you will continue to support us.

President Takumi Sasakura